2nd week!

Near the end of our second week in our new space!

water dispenser

Well, very soon is a relative term…  LOL – it has been one month since my first blog post and we have done a LOT, but still have a ways to go until we get everything as we would like it.  Spectrum (mostly) completed the install for the TVs & internet yesterday.  A couple of boxes still aren’t working (one treadmill and one elliptical), but the rest were good last night.  Look for the box associated with the machine you are on – it may be down and to the right of the machine.  The “big” fan was installed, but until we get more of the work done that was suggested by our A/C company, I’m not sure if it will make much of an impact yet.  This picture is the water dispenser that should be delivered by Friday and installed soon – you WILL need to bring your own refillable water bottle with a CLOSED top to be allowed on the gym floor, so that you can just refill at this dispenser.  We are ordering some bottles today with our logo, but those will take some time to get to us.  We are ordering new shirts too – yay!  Thanks to (almost!) all of you for your patience and understanding, and especially for staying with us – we really think we are going to love our new space :)